Platinum Package (Shifting) – 2020

Platinum Shifting | 19 days | 4 Star (Madinatul Munawwarah after Hajj)

Airline Indirect
Departure 21 July 20 from London Heathrow
Return 8 August 20

Platinum Package Prices

4 Sharing

£5,150*/ per Person

3 Sharing

£5,500*/ per Person

2 Sharing **

£5,990*/ per Person

*           Price excludes qurbani (Udhiya)

**         2 sharing in Aziziyah is subject to availability and at additional supplement.  Please call office to enquire for prices.

Platinum package Itinerary

Please note all dates are +/- 2 days. Duration and times are subject to change

21st July (30 Dhul Qa’dah) Arrive in Makkatul Mukarramah and check in in at Royal Majestic 4* hotel on a half board basis and perform Umrah.
22rd – 24th July (1- 3 Dhul Hijjah) Spend these days in ibadah (worship) in particular performing nafl Ṭawāf.
25th July (4th Dhul Hijjah) Check out Royal Majestic hotel and check in Aziziyah Apartment on a full board basis.
26th – 28th July (5th – 7th Dhul Hijjah ) Aziziyaah.
29th July – (8th Dhul Hijjah) Leave Aziziyah for Mina in the early hours of 29th July. Spend rest of day and night in Mina. Stay in Mina will be on a full board basis. All food and beverages will be provided by the Muallim.
30th July (Day of Hajj) (9th Dhul Hijjah) Leave Mina for Arafah after Fajr. Leave Arafah for Muzadalifah after sunset without praying Magrib salah. Upon reaching Muzadalifah combine Magrib and Esha salah and spend night in prayers.
31st July (Eid ul Adha) (10 Dhul Hijjah) Leave Muzdalifah after sunrise and return to Mina. perform Rami of Jamaratul Akabah ONLY (pelting of 7 stones) and then do qurabani (Udhiya). Do halaq or qasr (shaving or trimming of head hair) to come out of Ihram. Perform Ṭawāf az-Zīyārah (Ṭawāf al-‘Ifāḍah) and spend night in Mina.
1st August (11 Dhul Hijjah) Spend the day and night ibadah in Mina and perform Rami al Jimar (Pelting of 7 stones each at all 3 pillars (21 in total)
2nd August (12 Dhul Hijjah) Spend day in Mina and perform Rami al Jimar (Pelting of 7 stones each at all 3 pillars (21 in total) after Zawwal (mid day). Leave Mina and return to Aziziyyah apartment
3rd – 4th August (13 – 14 Dhul Hijjah) Aziziya Apartments on a full board basis
5th August (15 Dhul Hijjah) Leave for Madinatul Munawwarah and check in at Saja al Madina/Elaf Taibah 4 * star on a half board basis.
Date to be determined Ziyarah of Madinatul Munawarah
6th – 7th August (16 – 17 Dhul Hijjah) Spend these days in ibadah
8 August (18 Dhul Hijjah) Return to UK


Our full Terms and Conditions are available on our website;

You are strongly advised to read our T&Cs before making your booking.

All bookings are made on the basis you have read and understood our T&Cs.

1. We are ATOL and IATA registered and licenced by the Ministry of Hajj in
Saudi Arabia.
2. All airline tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable.
3. You are strongly advised to purchase your own travel/medical insurance.
4. Payments, cancellations & refunds will be on the following basis;

Payment Terms Payment Date
Deposit of £1,500 per person at time of booking At time of booking
Remainder balance By 24th April, 20
Cancellations Refund & Charges
Package cancellation before obtaining Hajj visa Refund of full value of Hajj package
Package cancellation after obtaining Hajj visa Charge of full value of Hajj package
Air Ticket cancellation Full value of airline ticket + £50.00
Name change on airline ticket Subject to airline charges + £50.00